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Actors wanted

March 28, 2009

We are auditioning one male and one female actor each to do the voice-overs for the show.  You should preferably be able to speak Cantonese and do different accents (Singlish, English, faux English, etc.).  Interested parties please email us at  Please note that your participation is strictly on a voluntary basis.


“Ah Kua” title stirs heated debate

March 26, 2009

There have been some heated discussions on the use of “Ah Kua” in the show’s title – and I’ve to say the counter-arguments are very potent and valid.  Some of you may not know that I’ve been lobbying for derogatory terms like “Ah Kua”, “bapok”, “pondan”, etc. to be blacklisted as slanderous under the Miscellaneous Public Offences Act, unfortunately, I’ve been tai chied from the Supreme Court to the Law Society and thus far, I’ve not received any response from the law society.  What we need is a test case of someone being sued for using these terms to cause distress.  Regardless, I am well aware that “Ah Kua” is a derogatory term and causes no small amount of distress on the persons on whom it is used.  That the term is still being proliferated in everyday conversations, in schools and the Armed Forces is perhaps an indictment of our society’s backwardness.  If you are a teacher, do you counsel your students when they “humiliate” their classmates with these terms?  Or do you simply let the moment pass because, really, the boys will “grow out of it”?  If you are an army sergeant (G.. knows why you are reading this blog), have you ever tried to humiliate a recruit into performing better or behaving more like a man by calling him an “ah kua”?  If you have, what does it say about your character and upbringing?  If you are a bouncer, have you ever turned on an “ah kua” because it makes you feel powerful and near invincible?  If you have, what does it say about your “power”? 

Then again, is Singapore so different from the Western developed nations where they have their own pet names for transgendered individuals?  If you are labelled “Ah Kua”, are you always the victim or do you not also have your own prejudices, some of which are directed towards foreign workers, for example? 

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Let the debate continue.  I’m glad that the “sisters” are debating this issue.  When I was growing up, we did not have a voice.


Ticketing Details

March 21, 2009

Thank you for your comments. Ticketing details will be out in April, so watch this space. If you have indicated your email address, we will send you an e-alert.

Ticketing team

Welcome to the Ah Kua Show!

March 7, 2009

Wow!  The Ah Kua Show is off to a great start with the New Paper story.  Thanks Germaine!

Min's drawing up the to-do list

Min's drawing up the to-do list

Hey! It's tough being an ah kua, you know?

Hey! So much publicity and support from the New Paper story. Now I've to sing and dance which is so unnatural to me. Would much rather windsurf and run. What to do? Must act "ah kua" otherwise they will ask for refund!

Yvonne, our Technical Specialist, continues to stun with her work-in-progress photography. 


Our glamorous Tech Specialist

And E simply enlivens our meetings with her sharp retorts, colourful poses and aphorisms. 

I'm thinking.  Don't disturb

I'm thinking. Don't disturb

Watch the plot thicken in the weeks to come.  And oh, please mark your diaries for 6,7,8 August 09.  That’s when the play will take Singapore by storm!

Watch this space!