Welcome to the Ah Kua Show!

Wow!  The Ah Kua Show is off to a great start with the New Paper story.  Thanks Germaine!

Min's drawing up the to-do list

Min's drawing up the to-do list

Hey! It's tough being an ah kua, you know?

Hey! So much publicity and support from the New Paper story. Now I've to sing and dance which is so unnatural to me. Would much rather windsurf and run. What to do? Must act "ah kua" otherwise they will ask for refund!

Yvonne, our Technical Specialist, continues to stun with her work-in-progress photography. 


Our glamorous Tech Specialist

And E simply enlivens our meetings with her sharp retorts, colourful poses and aphorisms. 

I'm thinking.  Don't disturb

I'm thinking. Don't disturb

Watch the plot thicken in the weeks to come.  And oh, please mark your diaries for 6,7,8 August 09.  That’s when the play will take Singapore by storm!

Watch this space!


17 Responses to “Welcome to the Ah Kua Show!”

  1. Rina Says:

    Hey there!

    I would like to know how i can get tix to the show!


    • ahkuashow Says:

      Thanks for your support Rina. Ticketing details will be available in a month or two. Your early support is very encouraging to the entire cast and crew! Watch this space!!!

  2. jo Says:

    i guess it’s tough being ah kua is because there are some of them very bitchy. pardon me, don’t mean to be rude but just stating the facts!

    anyway, ah kua or not is not important i knew some who get married as long as you are happy that will do.

  3. Jash Tan Says:

    Good Day people,

    Can you mail me when the tickets are ready for sale?
    I will be there to support!


  4. jackson pang Says:

    wah…..i ask the rest of the york peeps (weichean, siangcheng and debs), see if they are interested too! =)

  5. sino74 Says:

    do update me in regards of the show.

  6. sino74 Says:

    reminds me of Kumar shows @ Far East Square…

  7. keen Says:

    please reserve few tickets for me. just curious how a one man (one ah kua) show can runs one & half hour. you’re great, keep going

  8. chubby Says:

    Congrats and hope your rehersals go well. Yeap, pls alert me thro email when the tix are ready

  9. Vernessa Says:

    Hi, pls update me once e ticketing details is out. thks

    All e best to u & wish u find ur true love one day. cheers

    • ahkuashow Says:

      You know Vernessa, I don’t usually reply to comments, but what you said was really sweet. I know true love exists out there in all shapes and sizes. I don’t know if true love will ever find me in this lifetime – but I sure as hell am not going to let the outcome affect me. I – and I hope you will too – will live my life to the full, love or no love, because that’s the bare minimum I deserve.


  10. Dee Says:

    Hi Leona,

    The New Paper story moved me deeply. And like Vernessa, I wish you all the best and may you find your true love one day. Because true love definitely exists, and there is one for everyone out there in this life. And I certainly like the spirit that you deserve the bare minimum. Thumbs up!

    Hope the rehearsals are going well because I cannot wait for the actual show! Kindly email me once ticketing details are out. Thank you.

  11. Fanny Says:

    I’m really to support this show, hopefully the price of the tickets are not too high because can’t really affort expensive things now.
    Thank you and All the Best.

  12. ahkuashow Says:

    Thank you darlings for all your support and kind words. I must give thanks too to the wonderful team behind the production – E, Yvonne, Emeric and Min.

    Fanny – don’t worry about the ticket prices. All “sisters” will get a discount.


  13. cher Says:

    Hey! i’ll definitely come down to support! u go girl!

  14. Adrian Says:

    Hi Leona,

    I passed by the Sub-Station today and saw the Ähkuashow poster. I remember your face from an old press article when you were still in the advertising industry (you still are ??).

    Can you update us on-line with the ticketing details ?. Who are in the cast ?? Very little is revealed in the poster. Would love to see you in this production with all the potent talents that you have.

    Let me salute you, Leona for your courage and conviction ! Good luck and may you soon find the love you seek.

    • ahkuashow Says:

      Dear Adrian

      Thank you for your interest in the show.

      The Substation Box Office opens from Mondays to Fridays from 12 noon to 8.30pm – if there’s no one behind the counter, could you call them at 6337 7535? Someone from the admin. office upstairs will attend to you.

      Best Regards
      Ticketing Team

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