Ah Kua Show – The Last Leg

Photo: Yvonne Loh

Two rehearsals in one day – boy am I tired, and is my throat hoarse.  When I first assembled the cast and crew for the Ah Kua Show, I didn’t think it would grow to be the production it is today.  Our talented young director Emeric Lau – who’s as dishy as he is brainy – has taken the show to great, unimaginable heights.  Our voice talents Ian Lee, Jae Leung and Juliana Ong can hold their own on any theatrical production.  And let’s not forget the superb production team of Yvonne Loh, Yeo Hon Beng and Goh Min Li who are your quintessential first-class production crew.  And even my sister Jerilyn-Ann has jumped into the fray to help me in and out of my numerous costumes. 

The show is no longer about me – perhaps it has never been about me.  It’s about any transsexual youth struggling to find his/her way out of the social minefield that is Singapore.  It’s about saying to the transsexual youth that it is ok to be trans.  Trans people can lead positive, happy lives too. 

We’re sold out for the Saturday show, and 80% sold for the remaining two days.  So come along and celebrate with us.  Yes, the Ah Kua Show is about celebrating the voices of trans women in Singapore and throughout the world.


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