Authorised Company Representative Sought for New York Fringe Showcase

As you may know the Ah Kua Show will be staged at the New York Fringe this year.  We are looking for an authorised company rep for the show.  The rep has to be New York based.  This will be a paid position (mutually negotiated).   The work will really kick in in July (one day of training) followed by the actual staging of the show in August (sometime between 18 to 26 Aug 10).  The job description is given below.  If you are keen, please email

ACR duties
ACR – Authorized Company Representative – The ACR is your company’s sole FringeNYC contact and House / Company Manager. The ACR must be the sole representative that contacts FringeNYC staff with questions. This person must be present at your show’s load-in and tech, and every performance (not on stage or backstage) to answer any questions about your show that the box office manager and venue director will not be able to answer (remember that there will be 10 – 14 shows in each venue, and the venue staff will not know everything about each one), including any questions regarding ticketing and settlements.


One Response to “Authorised Company Representative Sought for New York Fringe Showcase”

  1. ahkuashow Says:

    Our ACR is Vanessa Sparling! Welcome on board Vanessa!

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