Ah Kua Show commemorative postcards designed by Madame Cyn

As you may know, the Ah Kua Show is not funded/supported by any organisation in Singapore.  In 2009, our application for funding was turned down by the National Arts Council.  Our current foray to New York is self-sponsored by Leona Lo who also happens to be the producer, scriptwriter and actress.  

We depend on your generous support to ensure that our message gets out in a big way.

Now you can support us by purchasing a set of four commemorative postcards that come with quirky captions – all designed by Madame Cyn.  The copywriting is contributed by Leona Lo.  We also use the official Fringe NYC information block. 

Who is Madame Cyn?

Madame Cyn, not her real name, was a transgender catwalk model in the late 1980s at Singapore’s then most famous modelling agency.  Unfortunately, her employer discovered her past one day and told her to “pack your bags.  We don’t welcome people like you here.”  Since then Madame Cyn has been worked variously as a Metro sales girl and part-time make-up artist. 

I discovered Madame Cyn when my friend Eileena found her crying in the toilet after Ah Kua Show at the Substation.  When she posted a comment on my blog, I took the opportunity to invite her out for tea.  She’s currently in her late 40s and unemployed.  I discovered her talent for illustration.  What’s interesting is she uses make-up to colour in her women.  I’ve commissioned Madame Cyn to illustrate several transgender women for the postcards retailed in conjunction with the show. 

50% of proceeds will go to Madame Cyn; the remaining 50% will go towards funding the show in New York. 

We look forward to your generous support!

You can purchase the postcards here.  Please read the instructions carefully!

We regret we can only accept Paypal payments at this stage.


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    […] By ahkuashow The Ah Kua Show icon was designed by Madame Cyn.  Read all about her story here.  Show your support for Madame Cyn by picking up a commemorative postcard at FringeCENTRAL in New […]

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