Ah Ah Kua’s Soliloquy

‘What’s sinister is their barely concealed contempt for those of us who are not as “smart” as they are. They’ve given us first-world living standards with ample food and clothing and some money left for travel – all they ask for in return is our passive acquiescence, non involvement in politics and the occasional photo showing how much we love our country. Yet some of us have the audacity to hope for more.  But surely we’re in the minority. We simply can’t outsmart them. The Romanians overthrew the communist regime because of rampant poverty. We, the serfs of consumerism, have no convenient excuse. Who cares if a British author is locked up for contempt. Who gives a bloody damn.”

– Leona Lo, Singapore

What’s life like for a transgender woman in Singapore?  Come watch the Ah Kua Show in New York.


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