Khairy Sulaiman Story to be Retold at Fringe NYC’s Ah Kua Show

Picture from Singapore Press Holdings' Stomp, first suggested by our reader Manessa

Misrepresented as a “transvestite” by the Singapore media, the story of Khairy Sulaiman will be retold as part of a trilogy about three Southeast Asian transgender women at this year’s Fringe NYC.  Khairy is among a number of Malay transgender sex workers who have been shamed and misrepresented as “transvestites” in Singapore’s newspapers since the 1960s.  Newspapers here will only dignify their transgender subjects with the pronoun “she” post sexual reassignment surgery, but it is internationally recognised that transgender women are women even if they have not or do not intend to go for SRS.  The respectful thing to do would be to ask the subject if unsure, rather than impose a pronoun through sheer ignorance.

 Click here for my opinion piece on the Khairy Sulaiman incident.

Click here to purchase tickets to the Ah Kua Show in New York.


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