Three Trans Women, One Destination: New York

Today, our three ladies from the Ah Kua Show talk about themselves. 

Chantel: Ok, everyone knows I’m the loud mouthed one.  But they can say all they want about me.  In my industry, I’m the only one who gets all the ang moh (white) men because they like my style.  It’s well known that I’ve got a very special style at work and in bed.  Then again, it’s all the same to me, this work and bed thing [cackles like a hyena].  Some of us T-girls like to “play woman”.  This means pretend to be a real girl lah.  What for?  We must celebrate our “Tness”.  I know I’m not very popular among the girls, but who cares?  As long as the men continue to eat out of my hand.  The bitches don’t like me because they’re jealous.  I know!  When they see my banker boyfriends, they turn into green monsters lah.  And that’s when they start spreading all kinds of things about me, the things we do in bed.  Excuse me, is it anybody’s business?  Don’t pretend to be a virgin lah.  There are no virgins in this industry!


Leona: I’m not a trained actress.  I’m not an experienced producer.  Come to think of it, I’m not even a trained PR consultant.  I majored in English and Related Literature at the University of York, but don’t ask me to quote Shakespeare.  I stopped reading after graduating.  With all the dissection we had to do, I lost the love for novels.  It took me a few years to recover from the ordeal.  Now I’m connecting to books and good literature again.  The Ah Kua Show is really a work of art with transgender women at the heart of the whole artistic experience.  It’s not solely about being transgender in Southeast Asia – of course, our experiences as Southeast Asian transgender women vary widely from those of our Western counterparts; it’s about finding happiness and meaning in a confusing and often repressive world.  And these are very universal pursuits…


Nong: Sorry, my English not good.  I was born a boy in Mae Tha, a village in North Thailand.  See the show.  I share story in show.  At 4.30 pm, Saturday, 21 Aug 10, The Club @ LA MAMA.  Press here buy tickets.   


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