Thank you for supporting The Ah Kua (Ladyboy) Show @ FringeNYC

The Ah Kua (Ladyboy) Show may be a newcomer at the FringeNYC, but we have benefitted from the generosity of various NYC theatre sites as well as fellow communicators like Ned who gave us a one paragraph pitch in his online newsletter, thanks to my ex-colleague and friend Hwee Suan.     

We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us in one way or another.  My vision for the show is to take it to every part of the world and adapt it to the immediate context.  Transgender women exist everywhere.  We need to stop all forms of discrimination against transgender women now.  With the Ah Kua Show, I hope to use the age-old method of storytelling to move people to respect and embrace gender diversity. 

We look forward to seeing you at our opening this Saturday.  Remember, it’s 4.30 pm at The Club @ LA MAMA. 

We will plug the show at FringeCENTRAL at 5.30 pm on Friday, 20 Aug 10 and again in the evening at 11pm. 

See you soon!


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