Good Morning New York!

Good morning New York!  A quick note from Union Square on how the ladies are doing.  Chantel is serving lunch specials to the bankers at Wall Street.  Nong is both terrified of and fascinated with the strapping African American men at Harlem and Leona is just about managing to stay out of trouble by not picking fights with prickly New York commuters.  Watch this space~!


2 Responses to “Good Morning New York!”

  1. gabrielle Says:

    Hi Leona,
    I’m looking forward to your show! I’m the writer/performer of Two Girls, another solo show in the Fringe. I’m teaching English to a bunch of Chinese high-school students here this summer; they’ve just completed a research assignment on transgender youth (trying to expand their horizons a bit), and now I’ve recommended that they come see your show. Not all of them will do it — but you should get a few, at least!
    Looking forward to meeting you once I’ve settled in to my run.

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