Nobody cares, but Somebody does in New York

Still suffering from jet lag, I’m going to pen down my initial thoughts about New York.  Our ACR Vanessa Sparling was just fabulous.  She’s exactly who I imagined her to be – a down-to-earth, generous, kind and thoughtful New Yorker.  How did we stumble on someone like her?  A few months ago, we were still worried we would not be able to secure an ACR.  Then I placed a job ad with NYU or was it Colombia (?), and hey presto, this perfect fit of an ACR appeared on the scene!!!  Well, when Vanessa is less busy, she’ll send her photo bio across, so watch this space.

Tickets sales are trickling in slowly but surely.  I’m astonished by the enthusiasm of our friends and also our fellow Fringe participants.  See below a shout out for Gabrielle Maisels from Two Girls who’s a creative teacher (her students are so darn lucky)! Elena Holy, Artistic Director of FringeNYC, stunned us and made us feel really at home yesterday with a welcome hug.  The admin staff were also so patient and kind with us as our Stage Manager Robyn plied them with questions.  And we met the lovely Blaire who’s our board op assistant.   She works at Snacks, a lovely, cozy Greek restaurant that dishes up the most delicious Greek inspired dishes (we had the veal meatballs and kalamari salad).   Blaire’s an actress with a great future.

On the personal front, I met with Larry Tung who lectures at Richard Stockton University together with my mentor Dr Ken Dollarhide.  He treated me to a quiche at Buchon Bakery at Columbus Circle on 59th Columbus Street.  It’s a glitzy new mall.  Larry explained that New Yorkers aren’t mall people but that’s gradually changing (like Singapore?  Horrors!!!).  I hope not!!!  I love the niche eateries and quaint shops.  Don’t turn into a concrete jungle like Singapore, New York!  Nonetheless, the quiche was delicious. Larry will be filming our show on Monday as part of a documentary on my experiences as a transgender activist in Singapore (notice it’s the first time I’ve mentionned “transgender”).  Awesome!  Larry was the man behind “Envisioning Justice”, the 32-min documentary on the life and work of Pauline Park, a New-York based transgender activist.  I’ve arranged with Larry to continue the filming in Singapore next January. 

Today, I will meet with a childhood friend from Catholic High.  He was my senior.  He also went for the French Immersion trip almost 20 years ago!   Over the next few days I will catch up with new friends and business contacts.  This New York trip will be a great one I believe!

Tomorrow, I will be at FringeCENTRAL and FringeClub to plug our show, so watch this space for a new video!

About Two Girls

A solo show about “a friendship that blossoms and struggles in the “new” South Africa. Two girls, one black, one Jewish, take on the trauma that apartheid left behind.  Gabrielle is the granddaughter of Advocate Isie Maisels, successful defender of Nelson Mandela in the “Treason Trial” of 1958.


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