The fabulous Ms W

Finally a transgender woman in Hong Kong has plucked up the courage to fight the government over the right to get married to her boyfriend.  Hong Kong’s laws are ridiculously archaic – considering the more “conservative” China granted transgender folks marital rights quite some time ago.  Singapore led Asia in granting transgender folks marital rights based on the gender reflected on their IDs – and not birth certificates – more than 10 years ago.  So why should Hong Kong, whose laws mirror Singapore’s given that both were former British colonies, desist?  My suspicion is the Christian fundamentalists are a more powerful political force in Hong Kong than in Singapore.  Certainly there’s evidence of the religious right tampering with transgender rights in Hong Kong where the political scene is more vibrant.  Our right to get married as transgender women is not an issue open for dicussion – it’s our indefeasible human right.  To deprive us of that right is criminal.  Asian transgender women will be silent no more.


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