Heartbroken @ FringeNYC

I was heartbroken today because one third of my show was wiped out when the sound system broke down right from the start.  I expended all my energy trying to improvise throughout the show.  Now, I’m so emotionally drained and disappointed…I can’t find the words to describe my pain.  This was meant to be my showcase, on opening night, and in a delusional way, I wanted to get back at my fellow privileged Singaporeans for laughing at me.  I wanted to prove I could do it in New York and perform a script that would have been banned in Singapore and every other Southeast Asian country.  So many people are patronising towards me back home – and these include those who think it presumptuous of me to be involved in theatre; those who chased me out of a nightclub for being transgender; those who couldn’t fall in love with me because I’m not a “real” woman…If not for my boyfriend, I would have lost it, absolutely lost it.  Through no fault of my own my play was compromised…

Ok, I’m going to be like Jennifer Anniston here and give myself just one paragraph to feel sorry for myself.  The sadness is over.  Tomorrow will be a great day.



3 Responses to “Heartbroken @ FringeNYC”

  1. K.J. Lee Says:

    Indeed, ‘after all … tomorrow is another day.’

  2. nix Says:

    how utterly frustrating. sorry to hear it.

    but best of luck for the rest of the run – it can only get better?

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