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Ah Kua Show
Talk Sense Pte. Ltd.
Writer: Leona Lo
Director: Richard Chua begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Definition: noun.& adj.: derog. 1)effeminate man 2)male transvestite. WRONG! Tender, raw, amusing, naughty, nice –the voice of Southeast Asia’s transgender women (formerly typecast as ladyboy showgirls) sets the record straight. We may be ladies – we are definitely not boys!
1h 0m   International   International, Singapore   
Solo Show   Drama   
Staycation: In Someone Else’s Shoes   Overseas Adventure   
VENUE #6: The Club @ LA MAMA       Share/Bookmark
Sat 21 @ 4:30  Sun 22 @ 10  Mon 23 @ 6  Wed 25 @ 4  Thu 26 @ 7  


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