Cast and Crew

Director: Richard Chua

To put it simply, Richard Chua is a theatre maker, who believes that contemporary art is the way to go in all live performances. He works with theatre artists from different genres, ranging from performance to movement, not to mention others in fine arts, visual arts and performance art. As a performer, he formulated his own system of solo-performance, an extension from monologues to the creation of immersive theatre. As a director, he operates more like a collaborator with other artists. In the area of academic discourse and knowledge production, he assumes editorship with Theatrex Asia, an online overseas Chinese performing arts journal located at He also constantly writes for fine arts magazine Singapore Gallery Guide and contemporary arts magazine Confabulation. Effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, Richard Chua has been the creative force behind many dramaturgical theatre work in Singapore, notably Theatreworks. He is also an educator in Chinese culture in a Overseas Chinese context, not to mention an invited member of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC). Full list of his works could be found here:, and

 Stage Manager: Robyn Loon

Robyn Loon has been actively involved in theatre since he was a teenager. He started freelancing in in theatre in 2009 under the mentorship of well-known veteran Singapore theatre practitioner Yeo Hon Beng, . Having involved in different aspects of theatre in Singapore, Robyn has skills in managing the stage, executing production management processes, engaging sound and lighting designing. He also writes and directs. For many years he has worked with various theatre companies (Little Red Shop, STAGES, Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble, Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble, Young & W!ld). He also teaches in secondary schools in Singapore (Holy Innocent’s High School, National Junior College) as an instructor for drama and production management.

Producer/Actress/Scriptwriter (with input from Richard Chua): Leona Lo

Leona Lo graduated from the University of York, United Kingdom, with Honours in English and Related Literature. She has a Master’s in Qualitative Research Methods from the same university. Her autobiography From Leonard to Leona, A Singapore Transsexual’s Journey to Womanhood was published by Select Books in 2003. Her one-woman Ah Kua Show was staged at The Substation, Singapore in 2009. In the same year, she was invited to read at ContraDiction 2009, the conclusion to the annual Indignation LGBT month.

She is Principal Consultant of Talk Sense Pte Ltd, a communications consultancy specialising in healthcare and corporate communications. She is also the Founding Working Group member of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network and the representative of the Developed Asia sub-region.

Voice over actor: Douglas Brazil

Douglas J. Brazil was born in California and grew up in New Mexico. He studied journalism and teaching at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He has been teaching English abroad for the past 15 years, including Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. He currently resides in Singapore.


One Response to “Cast and Crew”

  1. John Shorter Says:

    Hello Leona and Richard!

    I have affordable props and furniture rentals for the NY Fringe Festival. I’ll work with your budget. Hey! Perhaps your show will be the next Urinetown and go to Broadway. I’ll do the props for that run too and we’ll both make lots of money.

    Transportation? No problem… Take the LIRR, walk across the street and carry back a box of hand props. Need furniture? For $50.00, my delivery man will bring most things to venues in NYC in his van or if you have “wheels,” drive 30 – 45 minutes to our Long Island warehouse and you can pick the things up.

    Call me at 516 – 459 – 0106 or shoot me an email. I’ll do my best to help make your production a big hit!


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