@FringeNYC: Ah Kua Show Opening Night Fiasco – our side of the story

On the opening night, as I was about to begin the opening dance number, the sound did not come on.  And throughout the night, there was no sound at all.  It would have been ok if the sound component consisted of only song and dance numbers, but there was an entire voice-over sequence by “tranny” chaser Frank, including a monologue that was wiped out from the entire performance.  Frank was the leitmotif linking all three girls.  The scene where Frank merciless and cruelly dumped Nong was wiped out.  The scene where Frank led Leona on was wiped out.  The monologue where Frank professed his love for Chantel was wiped out.  This rendered the play incoherent.  We were not allowed to do a sound check at the start of the play as another production was being staged downstairs.  In the end, the sound came on when our play was over – did someone pull the plug from the start?  I don’t know.  All I know is if you were there yesterday, we’re really sorry about what happened.  I wish you could have watched a coherent production.


2 Responses to “@FringeNYC: Ah Kua Show Opening Night Fiasco – our side of the story”

  1. Ponder Stibbons Says:

    Wow. Sounds terrible. I just watched today’s show and loved it, but the voice-over was pretty important.

    By the way, the Twitter feed linked in the sidebar doesn’t seem to be yours.

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