Catch the last Ah Kua Show on Thursday!

Our last show will be at 7pm on Thursday, 26 Aug 10 at The Club @ LA MAMA, 74 A, East 4th Street.  Tickets begin selling 15 mins before the performance.  Click here for more information.

Agence France Presse broke the news today, which was carried by Singapore’s Straits Times online (minus the religious references though):

NEW YORK – THE life of a trans-sexual in Asia is limited to sexual work – such is the searing viewpoint of Singapore native Leona Lo, who travelled to New York to present a first-person, three-act play on the subject.

The Ah Kua Show is a collage of experiences on the difficulties of being a transsexual person in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong or Bangkok.

The show, on stage at the ‘La Mama’ alternative theater in Manhattan’s East Village, is one of 197 events that are part of the XIV New York Fringe Festival. The shows are staged on 18 small and experimental theaters, and are a far cry from the glitzy, big-budget Broadway productions.

‘The idea is to open up the eyes of the world and to apply a bit of pressure on these countries to grant these women official recognition,’ Leona told AFP after a recent presentation.

Leona – formerly known as Leonard – Lo was born 35 years ago to a middle-class family of Chinese descent living in Singapore. Lo’s difficult teenage years, mandatory military service, school in England, and finally the sex change in Thailand are the subject of a 2007 book. — AFP


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